Have you ever been disappointed with the rate of your hair growth?

“Has my hair stopped growing?” It’s so disappointing when you’re trying everything but it’s not working!

Factors such as an unhealthy diet, age, your genes and stress can attribute to poor hair growth or hair thinning.

But what can you do to help and what can you avoid?

Hair treatments and styling products

Applying too many styling products can leave residue on your hair and make it dry and brittle. Residues of chemicals on your hair might be the reason why your hair is restricted to grow well.


Too much pulling hurt your scalp

A tight ponytail, tight bun or tight clips can put pressure on your scalp and roots, damaging the follicles and head pain. It can also cause hair loss or hair breakage. Try and loosen hair up-dos and let your scalp relax and breathe at night



Did you know stress can take a toll on your hair? Emotional stress can alter the normal hair cycle and cause Telogen effluvium, which is a scalp disorder characterised by thinning or shedding of hair resulting from the early entry of hair in the telogen phase.



As we get older, our hair gets weaker, the growth stage may shorten because our biology clocks change.


Poor Diet

Another reason may be due to a nutritional deficiency. Without enough nutrients like protein, biotin and zinc, our hair grows unhealthily or thin. Instead of eating unhealthy foods regularly, start a healthy and vitamin-rich diet for your scalp and see your hair grow.



Our hair health or hair growth cycle is ascribed to genetics. Everyone has their own growth cycle. When the hair reaches to the end of the growth cycle, hair is restricted to a certain length and stops growing. That’s why we don’t have equal hair strands throughout our head, unfortunately this is something that we cannot change!


Who doesn’t want long and healthy hair? It takes a lot of patience and effort to get the beautiful locks. Here are a few tips for your perfect hair routine –

Detox your scalp

Charcoal is a hero ingredient derived from coconut shells in the Philippines. It acts as a magnet and attracts and removes impurities – like product build-up – so you are left with hair that is full of body and shine. For an extra boost of radiance, HASK purifying charcoal combined with vitamin C-rich lemon and grapefruit oils invigorates and clarifies hair without stripping away any moisture.


Use shine oil

Use hair oil whenever you feel your hair frizzy and dry. Argan Oil Repairing SHINE Oil can be used on wet or dry hair, simply apply a coin-sized amount evenly throughout hair.


Deep conditioning

Bring your hair back to life in 10 minutes! After shampooing apply a deep condition treatment, massage throughout your hair or focus on the damaged area, wait 10 minutes and rinse well.


Protein Strengthening

We can’t alter the biological clock, but we can strengthen our hair with hydrolysed keratin. Hydrolysed keratin is a highly refined protein, structurally identical to naturally occurring keratin found in hair. Keratin Protein Smoothing Shampoo, Conditioner, Shine Oil and Deep Conditioner designed to restore, revive and strengthen parched, frizzy locks and work to coat the hair shaft, reducing split ends and improving the hair’s appearance and manageability.

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