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Super simple updo

Sometimes it feels like the summer is getting hotter and hotter but how can you upgrade the simple ponytail?

As we know the ponytail is perfect for the hot and humid weather and keeps our hair up and away from our face.

Follow these simple steps to make your ponytail super chic with little effort!

1. After putting your hair into a simple ponytail, take 1 small section of hair from under the ponytail.
2. Wrap hair around the hair tie so it is completely covered.
3. Take a small hair grip and fix it at the bottom of the ponytail.
4. For a high gloss finishing look use Keratin Protein Smoothing SHINE® Oil, apply a coin-sized amount evenly through the ponytail, avoiding the root area.
Keratin Protein Smoothing SHINE® Oil is now available at Watsons

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