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Ever wondered why your hair is a nightmare to control?

Porosity is the term used to express how well your hair absorbs moisture. Depending on how porous your hair is, can XYZ ETC. The cuticle can determine how moisture moves in and out of the hair. Porosity can be affected by the environment, temperature and chemical processing. Understanding your hair’s porosity can help you decide which treatment you should have.

So, how do you find out how porous you hair is?

Simply take a strand of your hair and place it into a glass of water for 3 minutes.

After that time:

  • If you see your hair sink to the bottom, you have porous hair which means the cuticles are open, allowing moisture in and out.

SOLUTION: Revive and restore the condition of your hair with the HASK Argan Oil collection. Infused with high-absorbing, moisturizing and split-end repairing qualities, argan oil penetrates the hair shaft to leave even the most rebellious locks frizz-free, silky-soft and super glossy.

  • If your hair stayed at the top, the porosity of your hair is low. That means the cuticles are closed and sit flat, allowing minimal moisture or chemicals to penetrate your hair shaft.

SOLUTION: HASK Purifying Charcoal Collection helps to detox, clean and bring hair back to life. Charcoal, a hero ingredient derived from coconut shells in the Philippines, acts as a magnet and attracts and removes impurities – like product build-up – so you are left with hair that is full of body and shine.

If your hair floated in the middle, it means the cuticle layer is in good condition and allows the right amount of moisture to penetrate, while preventing too much from escaping. However, maintaining normal porosity still requires upkeep. HASK Keratin Protein collection is designed to restore, revive and strengthen parched, frizzy locks. Hydrolyzed keratin is a highly refined protein, structurally identical to naturally occurring keratin found in hair. Its molecular weight and size allows for optimum penetration and imparts gloss, strength and a smooth texture. Keratin works to coat the hair shaft, reducing split ends and improving the hair’s appearance and manageability.

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